Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The trap of a confortable life

Time ago I met a guy which I met in the eigthies, when I was poor. He rented a bigger room than mine and worked as mailman, I remember him about my age, married with a big woman and his finances was far better than mine; paycheck assured every month with no problem to finance room and food, much more than I obtained with sporadic jobs (when I can get one).

Well, the fact is that he recognized me inmediatly, for me was hard to recognize him, he seemed a very old man with holes instead of front theets, he explained me that he was working as junior, cleaning and carrying cases in a shipment office. He was very impressed to see me driving my own car and I cannot convince him that I was not into drug traffiking, for him it was no other logical explanation for Mr. "zero pesos" that he met in the eigthies now had a car to drive, and a truck also.

This made me think how lucky -at least in fiancial terms- I was since those hard times, It is true that I live now with few money but my economic progress was amazing: years ago no one gave a cent for my future, my natural place in this word was -with luck- to be a mailman or a junior same as my friend, working hard like a trained monkey for a couple of bucks every month. Now I see all those people which I lived in the eighties and all of them are in the same misery as before.

I was thinking that if I would followed the commonsense to look for security today I woud be the same, or worse, than they. Thanks God I never considered look for security.

So, if some young people who is starting his own figth for existence is reading that I will give him this good advice for free: never look for a confortable life, this is the worst trap. If you like take it, if not leave it.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hola Tomas
My wife and I spent three months in 1989 living out of a tent in the altiplano. We had very little money but a lot of happiness, Today we live in Japan, big money but not a lot of happiness! We spent a lot of time at Baños de Jurasi just north of Putre, Baños de Chapaquiña just a few kilometers from Chapaquiña and at the not very hot hot springs near Ticnamar. Wonderful, my wife is Japanese and they really love hot springs. Tomas, you told me you were in Japan. Didn't you go to a Japanese hot spring? Anyway, we walked all over the altiplano from Putre to Guallatire, Salar de Surire, Isluga, Colchane and down to Huara. Yes, I have always been happier when I had less but somehow as I got older I began to feel I need this and that and now I am slowly tring to live with less. I got married in Chile, in Santiago, and we had a great party with so many Chileans. We can't forget Chile because we met so many great people. My wife always tells me "ok, ok John, only six more years and you can return to you beloved Chile" It's nice to have a dream for the future. Life is wonderful. My email address is If you know some gringos who would like to communicate with me, I'm happy to be of service.
Hasta luego

Tomas Bradanovic said...

John, when I was in Tokyo (just one week) I had no time for nothing except to work like a dog, I published my bizarre adventures at
(in spanish, sorry), well, after the workhours my japanese friends headed to a lot of bars in Shijuku District, my memories are not too clear anyway!

I see you are a seasoned traveller and you knew well Chile and altiplano, well, I thank you very much for your offer to contact peopel who is planning to come to Arica, I know a couple of friends who are doing so and I will send your mail adderss, nothing best than the direct experience.

Take care and see you in Arica someday!

Anonymous said...

Hola, hace algún tiempo leo tu blog. Soy un ingeniero Informático que trabaja en Santiago como un mono entrenado, la verdad es que me siento fuera de lugar, a veces pienso que soy el único que prefería ganar menos pero vivir una vida más tranquila. Tengo 27 años y voy para los 28 y cada día se me hace más dificil salirme de este sistema. Mi verdadera vocación es la música, la guitarra especificamente, lamentablemente el trabajo y el viaje de regreso a casa me quitan todas las energías. Durante la semana solo puedo atinar a ver tv realitys y toda esa basura. Así veo pasar mi vida. Por ahora no se muy bien que hacer.

Tomas Bradanovic said...

Es un asunto dificil de decidir, especialmente cuando uno ya está trabajando y tiene cuentas por pagar. El trabajo independiente o hacer lo qu a uno más le gusta es la situación ideal, pero que cuesta, cuesta, especialmente durante las vacas flacas. Pero en fin, todo lo que vale la pena cuesta ¿no?