Thursday, July 07, 2005


Bombings on London's transport system filled news media around the world passing time after time the same images and similar comments. In practical terms, this huge media coverage just help to terror purposes. I bet that in London has died more than 40 peoople in a day due traffic accidents, if they would have paid the same media coverage, surely people would be much more carefully driving. But bombings sell, and serve to political purposes also.

So that is the way on the public opinion, feed by TV and pollitically correct comments, develop an irrational fear, starting from the most coward and most impresionable people. Terror aims to cowards, those that are easily shocked and impressed with the image of death or suffering and media coverage is special to spread fear and insecurity among those people.

The goal of terror actions is mostly psicological, even the biggest strikes are neglictible compared with any conventional military attack but it is aimed to spread the fear among the cowards. There is no need bravery to plant some bombs, explode them remotely and then run, it is an action made by and aimed to cowards, but I think that british people is not easily amedrented, propably the effect will be oposed than those the terrorist wished.

Anyway all we must die some day and, if I could choose I surely prefer to die in a blasting instead of a long, dirty and expemsive illnes. In my view is a nice way to die, maybe that is why the bombings do not impress nor scare me, nothing at all.


DCveR said...

There are were faiths than death.
If you think you don't have much to loose but your own life, ok. But when you start thinking about loosing a leg, an arm and your sight. Or when you are carrying your child and the bomb explodes. Or when you watch a loved one being thorn into pieces...
Risking our own life is not always the worst. Some people do it everyday.
After the first time you face a barrel of a gun, you start thinking this could have been it, but you can still live with it. The horror is really the things that are worst than dying!

Tomas Bradanovic said...

Youre rigth, there are lot of things worse than die (that is why some people conmit suicide), however tragedy is part of the human life, same as happyness.

Modern life, better healtcare, longer life expectation, has a anestesic effect which make us forget than tragedy is part of the life, so I think that this is the reason than terrorist attacks are so effective in wealthy countries whose people sees happiness like some natural and give for free.

It is not so, even the richest people may get a terrible illness, and certainly all we must die.

I think than desesperation, fear, or an excess of empathy with the victims is the best help for the terrorist purposes, I think that terror only works when people is horrorized, so, some of cold blood is the best way to turn those stupid attacks into useless.

Tomas Bradanovic said...

haha, better died than bored!

Boredom is the ugly side of this world aimed to confort, welfare, no pain, no death...