Sunday, June 19, 2005

Karma NOW!

For those who love mechanics (like I do) surely will understand my feelings when I heard the big crunch in the rear axle of my truck followed by onminous sounds of iron pieces falling apart as long as I acelerated, the dices are trowed I say to myself, and continued driving up to my home with the axis noising as close to explode.

So, me and my neighbor who is a skilled mechanic openned the case to see what had happened, well: the morons who adapted a new rear axis left loose the nuts which support the assamblage so they crashed. "Cheap things cost a lot" states a popular saying, it is true. You can find very cheap labour here, but you must be very luky to find the rigth man. So I am almost one month with the truck broken and praising will not have the need to tow my trailer!

To move myself meantime I find a "new" (second hand really) rear axis I had to invoke the Gods of mechanics and repaired my old and stroked Mitsubishi Colt 81, which now runs nice except I have no papers for this car , hope no policeman stop me because I will have to give a lot of explanations.

Anyway, I love mechanic works so I will got some fun making the fixes, but anyway I wish the stupid mechanic which left loose the bolts loose their theets, one by one, same as my truck, I demand for karma now!


Anonymous said...

I know that sound!

Tomas Bradanovic said...

now my beloved truck is died!

(falled from over 100 meters high)

Anonymous said...

Hello again Thomas,
I read all your car history, muy interesante. Tengo, aqui en japon un Toyota Prius, un ayto que usa gasolina y electricidade. Un litro me da 18 -19 kilmetros en el ciudad, no tan malo verdade. Cuando jubila (retire) en Arica por favor enseña me el locacion de Rectificaciones Rivera. Me parece que es un taller muy profesional,tal vezmejor que los talleres en japon.

Tomas Bradanovic said...

Do you have an Hybrid! this mileage is fantastic, specially with the high prices of gas (here in Chile around US$ 1.30 per liter).

Anyway when you are back here in Arica we will go to Rectificadora Rivera, there are very good and skilled people here, and others are very bad, I have my personal black list!